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Mobile Application Development

Mobile app developer Vancouver

More and more businesses are offering their own mobile application to create brand awareness and customer loyalty. A custom mobile app can bring huge opportunities to any business by targeting right customer base. Put your services, products and offers at finger tips of your most valuable asset.

So why your business needs a mobile app? Because your business will be recognized among competition as more credible and you will reach a larger customer base that use their phone to do virtually anything. A customized mobile application can integrate into your existing processes and software solutions, so you will benefit from higher productivity and customer satisfaction. You can even send notifications about your latest news, prices, offers and locations right to their phones.

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What We Do

Services that we offer in this area:

  • Consultation on mobile app technologies
  • UI/UX design
  • Development for iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  • Deployment to cloud platforms and publishing to app stores
  • Design and development of mobile APIs
  • Maintenance and releasing new versions
  • Marketing packages to help you expand your user base

With ~150 billion mobile app downloads in 2016, why not utilize some of this huge potentiality to your benefit.

sample mobile app project

Featured Project

sample mobile app project


This is a new marketplace app that connects sellers and buyers through instant notifications. It's a reverse shopping platform developed for a Vancouver-based startup, with lots of challenges caused by very special requirements.

State-of-the-art cloud servers enables Bidween's users to have a smooth experience while enjoying the benefits of the platform.

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