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Enterprise Software Development

All modern businesses rely on technology to operate, to compete, and to prosper. New software trends such as SaaS and Enterprise Mobility, have enabled companies to see remarkable gains in productivity which eventually brings more revenue. And recent changes in B2B and B2C interactions are making demand for bigger, more complex systems.

Big software projects need seasoned people. The team should have enough experience in all areas of software development. It's about client machines, browsers, databases, servers, networks and most importantly security.

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What We Do

Various types of projects:

  • CRMs
  • Web APIs
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Network and employee monitoring systems
  • Hardware inventory management applications
  • Cloud migration
  • ETL tools

sample mobile app project

Featured Project

hardware inventory and help desk project

Hardware/Software Inventory Management and Help Desk

This web-based application streamlines many of IT processes within an organization, thanks to compliance with ITIL best practices. Originally developed for one of our US clients, integrated Asset Management and Help Desk modules improve effeciency of IT services and boosts customer satisfaction both inside and outside the organization.

Each month thousands of help desk tickets are submitted, organized, tracked, and solved through this software solution while, at the same time, failures and repairs of hardware parts assigned to end-users are being recorded.