Mobile Apps Designed to Complement Your Business Strategy

Keep your business within easy reach of your customers with a mobile app designed specifically to fit with your business strategy. Target customers easier, communicate with them faster and earn their trust quicker to make them lifetime devotees of your brand. A well-designed app puts your products, services and customer support right at the fingertips of your most valuable asset: your customers.

It’s no exaggeration to say that a business is judged by its mobile app nowadays. If your competition has a more intuitive and better designed app than you, that could be the deciding factor for a customer who does everything on their phone. Reach a larger customer base and showcase your brand with a completely customized mobile app that integrates seamlessly with your business and provides real value to customers. Send notifications about your latest deals directly to your customers’ phones to keep them coming back and reap the benefits of higher customer engagement and satisfaction.

  • ­Receive a custom designed mobile app with a beautiful and intuitive interface and functionality that is specific to your business
  • ­Give your customers a valuable reason to download and use your app
  • Boost sales with strategically designed marketing materials pushed through your app

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    What We Do

    What we do for you:

    • ­Consult with you about how you want your mobile app to look and what functionality you want it to have
    • ­Design the UI/UX for the app to your specifications
    • ­Develop the app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone
    • ­Deploy your app to cloud platforms and publish it on app stores
    • ­Design and develop mobile APIs
    • ­­Maintain and release new versions with improvements to keep your customers using your app
    • ­Market packages to help you expand your user base and grow your profits

    Mobile phone users generated over 150 billion mobile app downloads in 2016. Your company needs to take advantage of the huge potential of mobile apps.


    Our Mobile App Development Process

    Our comprehensive mobile app development strategy ensures a perfectly crafted growth tool for your business.


    We consult with you and make a checklist of everything you want in your new mobile app. Gathering as much information about your company and how it works as we can, Dynamikode uses this data to create an app for your business that operates exactly how you need it to. This step is always free. You will receive a comprehensive proposal with details of costs and deadlines for your new project.


    Our expert designers will create a professional looking app that is intuitive to use and engages your customers. As a representation of your company, your app will also be branded with your logo, colors and anything else people associate with your brand, like mascots, taglines, maps of your service area, employee photos and bios or anything else you want to include.


    We take all our research and develop the app according to what you’ve told us about how you want it to function. You are in the loop every step of the way with constant updates and progress reports. We value your feedback and take all of it into consideration. Once the development phase is complete, we test the app together with you.


    Prior to launch, we ensure that your app works exactly the way it should by undergoing extensive testing with you, which includes a soft launch for beta testing before the official launch. Once all the kinks have been ironed out, we release the app and you see the benefits of our months of hard work and dedication.